bluebellgray's recycled polyester outdoor blanket

Glasgow-based bluebellgray has a produced a gorgeous padded blanket for outdoor use made entirely from post-consumer recycled polyester

recycled polyester garden blanket from bluebellgray

If you've rooted around in the loft and discovered your wool picnic blanket has been largely eaten by moths, it could be time to consider bluebellgray's exuberant recycled polyester blanket, which should last for a good 20 years and counting. Called the Sunshine Outdoor Blanket, it'll be perfect for all those excursions planned for when it get's warmer..or at least stops raining..and if it gets chilly you can wrap up in it too. It features founder Fi Glover's abstract floral art printed on recycled poly and filled with recycled poly so it's comfortable to sit on. If it gets grubby sling it in the wash at 30 degrees and let it dry naturally. Well priced at £85. Sunshine Blanket