Tick tock: a clock to rock the wall

Always looking for your phone to find out the time? But think about it, you put your phone down, you can't remember where..and you wish there was a damn clock somewhere in the house. Well now's the time hang a few wall clocks. They can be things of beauty. And you need never be late again. Oh and lots of them are made from recyclable/sustainable materials - wood, metal, cork - as well as ceramic.

Makers to check out



George Jenson

Ethical jewellery

Lauren Rowden, founder of jewellery brand Ellie Air, is among a growing number of jewellers bringing ethicality and sustainability to the jewellery trade. She uses 100 per cent recycled Fairmined gold in her pieces and sources all gemstones and diamonds for her designs from suppliers who have direct contact with miners and cutters, to ensure they do not come from conflict zones.

Affordable luxuries: eco-friendly candles

scented candles are big business. Choose candles that contain no paraffin wax and if they have palm wax choose brands that guarantee sustainable palm