Cattedrale Vegetale

This cathedral made from trees is open in the city of Lodi, south east of Milan. It's a homage to its architect, the late Giuliano Mauri, and a place for all to enjoy the wonder of nature

Should you find yourself taking a trip to Milan - let's imagine a post-covid world -  take a morning to hop on a train to Lodi to see the beautiful Cattedrale Vegetale, designed by Art In Nature artist Giuliani Mauri, who died in 2009. His family have worked with the city council to reclaim disused land and build on it this beautiful cathedral made from oak trees.

Designed to be a place of peace and contemplation, the completed Lodi Cattedrale Vegetale is well worth visiting. Made from 108 wood pillars and 108 oak trees, the structure is presently 18m high, 72m long and 22m wide, though as the trees grow the height will increase.

It's been widely praised and this comment from artist Laura Tomaselli encapsulates its essence:  'With its size, it arouses awe: its height and its monumentality are reminiscent of great efforts and great inventions. It evokes the architectural and religious aspirations of the men who in every period of their history have tried to explain, touching their limits and possibilities, turning to their gods or through a hardly whispered prayer.'