Visit Italy's Trentino region and be an eco traveller

eco tourism, Italy is a good country if you head to Trentino. E-bike tours, hiking, plastic free ski resorts, plenty of forests and strict sustainability standards

Tree house holidays

Treehouses have been having more than a moment... they seen to on everyone's wishlist -  no doubt because they offer a sense of magic and adventure while being in and at one with la belle nature.

For francophiles who want an eco holiday with comfort and elegance, Orion Tree Houses could be the answer. It's a B&B guest-house resort in the delightful valley of the medieval village of Saint-Paul de Vence. Enjoy cosy cabin living, while the gardens are very beautiful, with a natural pool for swimming.

Sustainable tourism: Colombia's view

Colombia wants tourists back when it's safe for people to travel, but as all countries are realising, it needs tourism that doesn't deplete natural resources and damage the environment. 

A Tuscan farmhouse: Follonico's rustic elegance

Boutique hotel glamour is all very well but rural rusticity done well is equally entrancing. Follonico is a Tuscan farmhouse that has been very lovingly restored by owners Fabio Firli and his Dutch wife Suzanne Simons. They've designed it to offer peace and tranquility to guests who want comfort and beauty but not opulence.

Cattedrale Vegetale

Designed to be a place of peace and contemplation, the completed Lodi Cattedrale Vegetale is well worth visiting. Made from 108 wood pillars and 108 oak trees, the structure is presently 18m high, 72m long and 22m wide, though as the trees grow the height will increase.

Tom Raffield at Fistral Beach Hotel & Spa

Tom Raffield has become one of Cornwall's most illustrious contemporary designers and his pieces can now be enjoyed by visitors to Fistral Beach Hotel & Spa. The Bay Bar overlooking the sea has been refurbished and the hotel's creative director Gayle Nettleton developed a design that uses lots of natural wood combined with wooden furniture and lighting by Raffield.

Five perfect reasons to visit St Ives

5 Perfect Reasons to Visit St Ives

If you’re looking to visit somewhere new this year, then you just can’t go wrong with St Ives. It’s got something for everyone, with beaches, culture, fantastic activities, and some of the best weather in the UK.

There’s so much to see and do in this little town, and in Cornwall in general, but here are five perfect reasons to visit St Ives.

The Views

Green travel: nature thrives in our absence

In many countries, lockdowns have resulted in many busy cities and regions suddenly becoming almost deserted. But it is an ill wind that blows nobody any good and where humans have retreated, the natural environment has sprung vigorously to life. Green Pearls® say staff at hotels they work with have been watching their natural worlds closely and share their observations. 

Thailand is for animals