E-waste: recycle, don't dump

If you have a fridge, or indeed any electrical goods, you need to get rid of, be sure to take your items to a recycling centre. Because thought it's 2024, it seems we're still not getting the message about the need to recycle for a circular economy.

E waste must be cut

Since 2015, e-waste generated across the world has increased by 21 per cent and continues to rise at an alarming rate - each month, humans generate some 4.5 million metric tonnes of e-waste, of which only 17.4 per cent is recycled. E-waste is discarded electronics such as phones, laptops, fridges etc.


A study by music Magpie visualises the monthly production of e-waste worldwide to demonstrate the true scale of the problem.

Research reveals the UK produces the equivalent of 51 Blackpool Towers of e-waste a month - that’s a staggering 133,141 tonnes of this waste. And it may come a surprise to find nearly 80 per cent of Brits don't know what e-waste is.

Per capita, the countries producing the most e-waste annually are:

Norway, producing 26kg per capita
UK, producing 23.9kg per capita
Switzerland, producing 23.5kg per capita

See the infographic here: https://www.musicmagpie.co.uk/our-planet-vs-e-waste/