Ethical jewellery

The spotlight of scrutiny is turning on jewellery which for centuries has got away with being the face of cruelty and avarice. So if you're investing in a piece for yourself or a loved one, check its provenance. 

Blood diamonds are stones mined in a war zone and sold to finance that war. So who would feel good about wearing a blood diamond on their finger? More jewellers, such as Ellie Air, are taking huge care to ensure they use only ethically produced gold and gemstones in their designs. Pictured above: Orrery Keeper Ring, £340, from Ellie Air's Eclisse collection.

Lauren Rowden, founder of jewellery brand Ellie Air, is among a growing number of jewellers bringing ethicality and sustainability to the jewellery trade. She uses 100 per cent recycled Fairmined gold in her pieces and sources all gemstones and diamonds for her designs from suppliers who have direct contact with miners and cutters, to ensure they do not come from conflict zones.

Her recent Eclisse collection, pictured here, is inspired by stars and astronomy, which each piece being hand-made in Dorset.

Ellie Air jewellery
Sunburst rose cut diamond pendant, £600,

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