Focus on: Duette heat conserving blinds

If you can't stretch to triple glazing, the next best thing you can do to save energy is to install window coverings that reduce the amount of heat lost through glass

Duette blinds are energy saving

The makers of Duette® blinds are on a drive to re-acquaint us with what they say is the original energy saving blind. They have two sides of pleats which form a honeycomb structure and they were developed by US company Hunter Douglas over 20 years ago. Pictured aboveDuette® blinds are made in the UK, come in myriad colours and offer a clean contemporary look. The manufacturers say blinds can reduce heat lost through their windows by nearly 50 per cent and cut energy bills by up to 25 per cent.


If you're thinking about ways to keep the gas bill down this winter, and do your bit for the environment, you'd be wise to take a close look at your blinds or curtains. Because if they're made from a thin flimsy fabric, you'll be letting your centrally heated air go straight out of the windows. 

Double or triple glazed windows are the best option to save energy, but heat conserving window treatments are a wise investment too - and a more affordable one. Duette® blinds are, says Manchester-based manufacturer Luxaflex (part of the Hunter Douglas group) proven to keep heat in and bills down, whlle offering a light modern look. 

Duette® blinds are made from two layers of fabric that are given a special coating - the recipe, like that for Coca Cola or KFC is a closely guarded secret. The material is pleated and joined together to form a honeycomb structure which opens out when the blind is down. Different types of fabrics can be used, including linen, and three levels of transparency are available.

jolly yellow for a bedroom
Close up of the honeycomb structure
Duette blinds are perfect for all rooms

Ronald Blok, business development director at Hunter Douglas's Europe HQ in Rotterdam, says Duette® blinds should reduce heat loss through windows by 46 per cent and can cut energy bills by around 25 per cent. He says these energy claims have been verified by independent German testing house, the Frauenhöfer Institute and form the basis of the energy saving calculator on the Duette website. 

Blok says the honeycomb design works in a similar way to double glazing, by trapping warm air in the pockets of the fabric. And in winter, the opposite is the case because the blinds will keep heat out of your home - the honeycomb design can stop nearly 80 per cent of heat from getting through. The blinds also absorb noise, so if you live on a busy road, they could make life quieter in your living room.

The coating on the fabrics means the blinds can't be labelled recyclable; however, they are intended to last for a great many years.


Approx £100 per 40x40cm of blind.