Great ideas for cherishing grandparents

Grandparents and grandchildren have a very special relationship. And because grandparents are so special, it's important to encourage children to show their appreciation

Grandparents and grandchildren have a very special relationship. And because grandparents are so special, it's important to encourage children to show their appreciation.

Painted craft piece

If your child is small, then a hand and feet printed piece of craft is ideal. Why not help your child make a “LOVE” plaque with the handprint representing the “O” and the two footprints making the “V”. The plaque can be made out of any material such as a finely polished wooden plank, a canvas that you can frame or even some manila paper. 

A gorgeous bouquet

Flowers are universally treasured as they're the perfect gift for all occasions. Once in a while get your children to present their grandparents with a beautiful bouquet. 

A special hug

Encourage your children to be generous with hugs and affection as the older generation love to feel loved and needed.

Personalized butterfly art

Mess alert... get the kids to stand in waterercolour paint and make footprints on paper. Then turn the prints upside down and you'll get a perfect silhouette of a butterfly. Colour it in and write a message to granny/grandpa.

Stone cactus

This is a truly unique gift. After collecting stones of different shapes and sizes, your child can have fun painting them in different shades of green using non-toxic acrylic paint. With some white paint they can then add some details such as dots and lines to represent thorns. Next, fill a planter with pebbles and small rocks and the painted cactus is placed inside and held in place with the small rocks. Your child can paint a message on the planter.

Planter with photos

If you have a large family, this is the perfect gift for your children to give their grandparents. You will need to get photos of each  family members' face. After cutting out equal sized flowers from different coloured pieces of manila paper, stick one photo on a flower. After sticking each flower/photo to a skewer or similar stick, place some floral sponge at the bottom of the planter and fill the planter with anything fun like some coloured confetti or pieces of wrapping paper. Finally, stick your photos into the sponge so that you have the faces of your family members smiling back at you.

Hand card

Children seven years and above will love making this. Younger children can still make this gift with a little more help from you.  You will need a soft cardboard paper of a colour of your choice. Fold it in half, and with the folded edge facing you, trace out your hand with your fingers splayed out. Cut out the hand shape and you can then open the card which will join together at the wrist. Your child can write their message and decorate the card as they desire. A twist to this is to have the card joining at the thumb and index figure instead of at the wrist. When the card is opened it will have a cut-out at the centre in the shape of a heart.

I Love …Cards

On a dark coloured stiff paper which will act as your frame, stick a different coloured paper which will be your base. Cut out a big circle in a different colour and write the words “I Love Grandpa because…” Stick it on the base paper, this will be the centre of your flower. Cut out big oval shapes and on each of the petals write one reason you love grandpa. Stick around the flower centre to represent the petals. Next, add a long green stem with leaves to the flower. Do the same with grandma’s flower.