Green travel

Travel has got back to and even beyond pre-covid levels - and that isn't great news for the planet if millions of us fly around the world year in year out. So think more about travelling by train and if you want to find hotels that are eco friendly and on your continent, then German travel company Green Pearls could have the info you're looking for

SchwaPa BIO Kid is the name of an eco project at SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA in Germany's Bad Herrenalb. In co-operation with the Falkenstein School and the Heilbronn University, local children visit the hotel to learn the basics for a sustainable life.

Sustainable tourism is considered by some to be an oxymoron, but it's unrealistic to think people are going stay put for their lives. Green Pearls strive to help people travel without depleting causing environmental havoc by seeking out hotels that meet its green requirements. Check it out.