Healthier snacking that tastes good

Insane Grain offers a baked alternative to crisps and Jade & Joy brings you plant-based protein bars. Both are, in our opinion, utterly moreish and delicious

By Noah Dugall
Insane Grain packs of delicious snacks

If you want to say goodbye to crisps but desire a savoury snack, Insane Grain seems pretty good

We don't review food normally, but we were at an event where we had the chance to taste Insane Grain knobbly sticks, as they call them, and  Jade & Joy's vegan protein bars.

Insane Grain's product isn't made from potato but sorghum flour, which is, we understand, is gluten-free. The makers call the contents knobbly sticks and they are crunchy but far less dense than say, Twiglets. A small packet (24g) has 114 calories, the larger pack has 400 calories, and don't expect a bowl to last more than a few seconds...they are that moreish. Knobbly sticks come in three flavours, cheese, salt & vinegar and truffle & cheese. Flavours are fairly subtle but detectable. And I would say they're delectable. 

As with many nice snacks, they're expensive. A box of eight 24g bags costs £8.99. But if you have some capacity for self restraint and want a healthier savoury snack for occasional indulgence they're just the ticket.

I will add that it's disappointing the packaging is non-recyclable.

Jade & Joy

OMG these bars are heavenly. They come in loads of flavours, they're dairy free, full of protein and what can I say, I could gorge myself silly on them. 

The caramel blondie plant based chocolate bar, to give it it's full title, is quite satisfyingly filling yet has just 154 calories.

The ingredient list doesn't include E numbers or sound too ultra processed... But I'm not an expert. I just think they're delicious and I am into protein big time.

Jade & Joy high protein vegan bars are just divine

Again I'm going to say they're too expensive for me to buy on any regular basis...a box of three caramel blondies, for example, costs £4.99 and I'd devour them all in an instant. But if anyone's got any going spare, let me know!