IKEA opens its first ever second-hand shop

The world's first second-hand IKEA store has opened in Sweden. The move is part of the global brand's commitment to achieving a circular economy

IKEA has opened its first ever second hand store in Sweden

IKEA has opened its first second-hand store, which will operate initially for the next six months. It's in the ReTuna Shopping Centre in the city of Eskilstuna, around 70 miles west of Stockholm. All products sold here are reused or recycled

IKEA's first second-hand store is being run by the existing IKEA Västerås store that will provide furniture and home furnishing accessories which for different reasons have been damaged. At ReTuna they will be repaired and sold on.

The collaboration with ReTuna (put all thoughts of tinned fish out of your mind) will help IKEA understand why some of its products are turned into waste, what condition they're in when people discard them and why people choose to donate or recycle products. And of course to see if there's consumer demand for second-hand/repaired items. 

It's hoped this new store will inspire more people to live a more sustainably, and start demanding that western economies shift from a linear to a circular model. 

Circular economy

IKEA is working to become a fully circular business by 2030, using renewable energy and regenerative resources. It says it wants to 'make more from less, enabling the business to reduce waste and become more efficient in all we do'.
Its commitments include using only renewable or recycled materials in its products by the end of this decade; and have systems in place that allow customers to acquire, care for and pass on products in circular ways.