Lampshades by artists

The penchant for bare bulbs, albeit fancy LED ones, has meant the good ol' lampshade hasn't had much of a look-in lately. So it's good to find two new makers who're getting us enthused about lamp bases and shades once again

By Abby Trow
Bloomsbury Revisited lampshades

The most simple wooden lamp base can become a work of art with the right shade. So if you want to invigorate a room at fairly low cost, why not reacquaint yourself with the lampshade. Pictured above: Peas & Leaves, a Bloomsbury-style hand-painted lampshade from Bloomsbury Revisited. Prices from £60

Lampshades = old fashioned = bad. If that's your view, well, it's time to reconsider because too many a room could do with an injection of personality and an easy way to do this is with a colourful lampshade.

For those with a love of painterly designs, take a look at Jane McCall's lampshades. An artist, her business Bloomsbury Revisited sells hand-painted shades in a choice of sizes. 'Our shades and bases are inspired by the Bloomsbury Set residents of Charleston Farmhouse in east Sussex,' says Jane. 'We have 10 designs and seven sizes and I hand-paint and sign each shade. So although similar, no two shades are ever exactly the same. Instead of hanging a painting on the wall, why not enjoy it as a lampshade?'  



Cyclamen by Bloomsbury Revisited
Birds design, Bloomsbury Revisited


London papershade  by Ros Freeborn
Cambridge paper shade by artist Ros Freeborn
Kent paper shade

North London-based artist Ros Freeborn is known for her collages, which she makes using tiny scraps of old magazines and papers. She recently added another string to her bow, Papershades, flatpack lampshades printed with her art, and has now added Paperhades Places to that collection. 

'Papershades Places features my own paper impressions of counties, cities and towns. During lockdown, when I spend a lot of time in my studio, I find myself travelling in my imagination to places I have a connection with or simply love to visit. For example, I was born in Oxford, lived in Lancashire as a child, have family in Kent, adored holidays in Cornwall and the Isle of Wight and visit family in Cambridge and Brighton.'

So she has drawn them and had them made into her easy-to-assemble flatpack shades. There are nine designs in the range including London, Ludlow and Shrewsbury, and Ros is very happy to paint any town/place her customers request should they want a special bespoke lampshade.

Papershades comprise a top and bottom wheel and five cards which are slotted in place to make the shade. Find assembly instructions online. Papershades are stunning and good value at just £35 each.