The art of eco: environmentally-friendly art and artists

There's an assumption that art is beyond reproach because it's culture and culture is good for the mind and the soul. But the business of painting has long been up to its neck in toxic pigments, solvents and formaldehyde, and artists haven't always scored highly when it comes to minimising waste.

Today we love: Nick's Bespoke Maps

Is there a corner of the country, or indeed the world, that's special to you? Or one that fascinates you, historically or geographically? Nick's Bespoke Maps offers a service of drawing ink maps of places specified by you. So far he's drawn Yorkshire, areas of France and recent commissions incude mapping the Amalfi coast. 

Mall Galleries: A flotilla of sea paintings

Longing for a sea breeze but stuck inland? Then head to the RSMA's show at Mall Galleries and get immersed in coastal scenes, boats and ships, marine wildlife and harbours. Enjoy paintings that capture moments of peace, stillness and serenity as well as storm-tossed waves in atmospheric landscapes.

Reset Earth mobile game: get Gen Z to save the planet

phone game from the UN's Ozone Secretariat to get Generation Z to engage in the need to take action to protect the world from climate change. It reminds everyone that the ozone layer was protected by legislation back in 1977 and we need new legislation to protect against environmental degradation caused by fossil fuel extraction and burning.

Nat Maks' Suminagashi wall prints

Nat Maks' wallpapers, murals and prints are hand-printed using the Suminagashi technique.

The process involves a medley of colours being placed on water, which then start to expand on its surface. The colours move on the water in an organic way and when a dynamic pattern has been formed, Nat makes a print by placing and moving paper on the water so it picks up the colour pattern. This technique means each piece is unique. 'There are no pattern repeats - we create individual rolls of paintings,' she explains.

Wall prints, which come unframed, are signed by the artist. 

Contemporary Moroccan art and artists

Eugene Delacroix is one of the most famous painters to have exalted in the light of Morocco. He wrote that 'the rare and precious sun gives intense life to everything', and many an artist has followed in his footsteps to try to capture that light in their work. But the country's own artists have grown up in that intense sunlight and its influence can be felt in the warmth of their works.

Making mosaics with recycled materials: Katy Galbraith

eco friendly mosaic maker Katy Galbraith uses old bits of crockery and glass to make her beautiful works of art. She says making mosaics is a lot like doing jigsaw puzzles

bluebellgray: flowers to the people

bluebellgray is something of a phenomenon if speed of success is a measure. Because this 13-strong Glasgow-based textiles and homewares company started its journey just eight years ago as a one-woman show; on  Fi Douglas’s kitchen table to be precise, as she painted some floral designs.

V&A Museum limited edition print collection

If you want to give someone a work of art they'll love for life, a limited edition print from the V&A Select collection will more than fit the bill. Each of six paintings hase been turned into 75 prints, with prices from £220 to £500.

ART GIVES A VOICE TO THE VOICELESS, Bob and Roberta Smith, £500. Paper size 40 x 41cm; Image size 33 x 33cm