Laundry strips help you wash your hands of plastic

If you're trying to use less plastic, then ditching those cumbersome bottles of detergent is a good place to start

laundry strips are very eco friendly

If you're not on the case already, it's time to say goodbye to large plastic bottles or indeed heavy cardboard boxes of detergent/soap powder and welcome the laundry strip into your life. It looks like a piece of white paper but it's in fact super concentrated detergent; simply put one strip in your washing machine and it'll provide the cleaning. Get packs of laundry strips delivered when you want from the Eco Laundry Club; British Columbia-based Tru Earth laundry strips are available in the UK at  Strips are biodegradable, detergent used is eco friendly, ie no parabens, vegan ingredients, hypoallergenic.

*Decomag bought a pack of Tru Earth strips to test out. The verdict: we were very dubious that one small strip could clean a full load of laundry, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So our verdict is: terrific, one strip really does clean dirty clothes and bedlinen very effectively. It's great not having huge cumbersome boxes of bottles of detergent in the cupboard. The downside is the cost. A pack of 32 strips costs £12.99 plus £1.99 postage. So £14.98 for 32 washes = 46.5 pence or thereabouts. Compare to a box of Ariel pods, £8.50 for 36 washes or a bottle of Persil non bio liquid, 34 washes for £5.00 - that's just 14 pence a wash.