Make your own garden compost

Don't have a large garden and certainly not one with space for a compost heap? Well this nifty bag gets round the problem

Collapsible and moveable compost bag from Wilko

If you're looking for be more environmentally-friendly by making your own compost, Wilko's Collapsible Composter Bag is for you. It costs just £7 and because its foldable, it can be used easily without taking up much space. It's got straps so you can move it around and it will expand to 57-litre capacity.  So put your veg peelings, autumn leaves, plant cuttings, waste food etc in it, close it up and in a few weeks' time you'll have lovely compost. Made from plastic and intended to have a long life.

Could be the best 7 quid you'll spend this winter on the garden