Grow wild flowers for hedgehogs

Non-profit wildflower specialist Seedball has teamed up with People’s Trust for Endangered Species to develop a wildflower seed mix that will yield flowers with hedgehog appeal. It's easy to do your bit to develop hedgehog-friendly habitats by scattering Seedball's little clay balls over you garden. 

The benefits of bats in the garden

Bats can serve as pollinators

This is more true for other countries than the UK, but in some parts of the world, bats are pollinators for key species, just as bees are. And if bats disappear, the species that rely on their pollination services are also at risk. On the other hand, this is why planting species that bats rely on is crucial to their return. 

They control insects 

Salad days with Acqua Tower

Interest in gardening, or more particularly interest in helping people with limited space to garden, is, thankfully growing as fast as grass and ivy do in summer.

Whether it’s prettier pots for indoor and outdoor plants, herbs for the windowsill or hydroponic LED kits so you can grow herbs and salad leaves on your kitchen table, it’s good to see that the garden sector is acknowledging that far more of us have little to no outside space than have rolling lawns and abundant herbaceous borders at our disposal.

Rugs for the garden

Fab Habitat recycled plastic rugs are eco friendly and long lasting. They are also recyclable. NOW Carpets has launched its own range of designer rugs made from recycled polyester yarn, made in India. Tags: garden, eco friendly, recycled, craft, sustainability, decoration

Tips for keeping cut flowers fresher for longer

keep cut flowers fresh for longer by remembering a few key changing the water regularly, cutting the ends of and trimming any dying foliage

Garden tasks that don't need hours of your time

Gardens are long-term projects and the key to their success is to maintain small jobs often and be patient with results. Instead of feeling overwhelmed at the upkeep, enjoy being outside with tasks that take anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes. And if you decide to grow a vegetable garden or plant fuchsias, don’t do everything in one day. Taking your time means the process can be more enjoyable, says Calum Maddock, garden expert at Home How ( 

1. Prune hedges

Weatherproof artwork for your garden

Enjoy art outside with weatherproof artworks from insideout garden art. Perfect for dull garden walls or fences, a beautiful outside picture will cheer up your garden

4 ways to spend more time outdoors in the comfort of your garden

Create a seating area
No matter the size of your garden, you should be able to create space to sit down and relax. After all, isn't that what gardens are for, to sit and admire the view? And if you're considering buying a new garden lounge set this summer, you need to consider two things.
    1. How big a seating area can you achieve? 
    2. How many people are you likely to be hosting in the garden?

Olive trees bring a touch of the Mediterranean to UK gardens

get a Mediterranean style garden by investing in some olive trees. With care and attention these plants can thrive in the UK. GARDENINg is an eco friendly activity but be sure not to use compost that contains peat