Mall Galleries: A flotilla of sea paintings

If you've not managed to squeeze onto a beach this summer, get your fix of sea air via The Royal Society of Marine Artists' annual exhibition at Mall Galleries in London

Artist Neil Faulkner's Bathing Huts Sorrento

Enjoy a dazzling array of works depicting all this maritime at the Royal Society of Marine Artists' annual show at Mall Galleries in central London. The exhibition runs from 30 September - 10 October 2021 and works are also available to browse and buy online. Pictured above: Bath Huts Sorrento by Neil Faulkner

Longing for a sea breeze but stuck inland? Then head to the RSMA's show at Mall Galleries and get immersed in coastal scenes, boats and ships, marine wildlife and harbours. Enjoy paintings that capture moments of peace, stillness and serenity as well as storm-tossed waves in atmospheric landscapes.
The exhibition showcases works by the country’s leading marine artists, and what's noticeable in this year’s collection of work is an increase in the depiction of people and figures – you'll see plenty of images of people enjoying water sports, sunset walks along the beach, children playing in the sand, and sailors navigating the seas. After the isolation that was faced by people globally throughout the pandemic, has there been a marked increase in artists’ desire to capture moments of connection and companionship?

Works are in a variety of mediums, including oils, watercolours and pastels.


Rolling Breakers, Pentreach beach, by Peter Barker
Peter Wileman's A Mile oF Warm Sea Scented Beach
Jo Haidee's I look up to Him
Tim Hall's Figures Red Sails Mousehole
Mark Myers Sunrise the Manila Galleon Sailing from Cabo San Lucas
James Bartholomew Swell at Cadgwith Cove
John Stillman Entrance to the Harbour cowes Isle of Wight
 Tidal Creekby  John Walsom

The exhibition focuses on the the beauty of the UK coastline and is a celebration of the many picturesque destinations Britain has to offer – although you may want to wait to visit until next year given 35 million or so Brits holidaying in Britain has turned many of our beauty spots into a (not very enjoyable) game of sardines...

Duncan Palmar As Relaxing As A Day at the Beach Salcombe
Michael Salt's South Stack
Summers Cottage Interior, Appledore, Jo Haidee
Raymond Leech A Day Before Yesterday