Nat Maks' Suminagashi wall prints

For abstract art in lovely colours, Nat Maks' prints are unique as she uses the centuries old craft of Suminagashi

Nat Maks' suminagashi floating ink prints, made in Margate

Artist Nat Maks, who's based in Margate, makes beautiful abstract wallpapers and prints using the traditional Japanese art of Suminagashi, which means floating ink. Print 75x100cm, £95. A2 size original marble prints are available at £55

Nat Maks' wallpapers, murals and prints are hand-printed using the Suminagashi technique.

The process involves a medley of colours being placed on water, which then start to expand on its surface. The colours move on the water in an organic way and when a dynamic pattern has been formed, Nat makes a print by placing and moving paper on the water so it picks up the colour pattern. This technique means each piece is unique. 'There are no pattern repeats - we create individual rolls of paintings,' she explains.

Wall prints, which come unframed, are signed by the artist. 


A print in greens and yellows by Nat Maks
You can request colours to suit your interiors