Papertale: scan before you buy

PaperTale has launched a range of T shirts to showcase its blockchain technology that can empower consumers to drive an environmentally sound and ethical future

PaperTale uses blockchain technology

One of the T shirts available with a tag to scan using your smartphone. PaperTale is a Swedish blockchain platform that makes it possible for consumers to scan a product and get on-the-spot authenticated information about the supply chain and the product's environmental impact

A technology is generally a solution, so what is Papertale a solution for?

PaperTale offers a solution to both customers who need to know all the facts when making a buying decision, and to brands which are genuinely carrying out ethical and sustainable practices, but can’t distinguish themselves in the a market full of fake claims.  

What is our technology?

PaperTale is a blockchain-based technology solution that allows users to scan a PaperTaled product using their smartphone and see everything about that product, including : 

-    The product history (broken down into stages). This is built up on actual transactions, hence eliminating the risk of fake claims

-    All the workers associated with that product (including whether their ages have been verified as 18+)

-    Whether each of the elements described have been verified and who this has been verified by. (In the case of the workers’ salaries, the workers themselves do this).

-    The environmental impact at each stage

-    The choice to compensate the product impact both socially and environmentally (by sending children to school and planting trees). The proof of this also builds up in the product history. 


Scan the tag and you get the info you need to decide whether to buy

  A PaperTaled product is any product that bears the PaperTale smart tag (which is a small NFC tag that can be scanned by any modern smartphone). This means that while PaperTale is launching first in the fashion industry, this technology can be transferred to any industry.

How does it work?

Each product has the PaperTale smart tag attached to it (in the case of clothing it's sewn onto the garment). This tag has a unique blockchain ID which means when it's scanned, the exact information in the blockchain for that product is seen. And once data is uploaded, it can never be changed meaning that as transactions happen down the supply chain, nothing can be altered or covered up.  

Factory workers are all logged onto the PaperTale system and this means they each have a unique log in and can therefore assign every bit of work that they do under their name. This subsequently means they can verify themselves whether their salary has been paid for all their hours as per law and that consumers can see exactly who made their product and are reassured that ethical standards are being upheld.