Rugs and runners: an easy way to enhance your home

Find lovely rugs for your home, at all prices. Choose wool/jute/linen rugs as these are sustainable material. And depending on the backing used for of these rugs will be biodegradable. Find great rugs at Roger Oates, Jennifer Manners, Ptolomy Mann, Nani Marquina and Gandia Blasco, as well as British designer Anna V

Pop a cork: in praise of cork's versatility

Cork is one of the most eco friendly, renewable materials on the market. It's the bark of the cork tree, and the bark is stripped once every 10 years, ensuring the trees are protected. For flooring, Granorte and Wicanders have innovative new cork floorings.

Mole Architects' Meredith Bowles talks housing

It may not be a term we're that familiar with in the UK but give it time, because co-housing communities are on the increase here. A new one, Marmalade Lane, has been built in Cambridge, a project architect Meredith Bowles of Mole Architects was closely involved with.

Roomba - life with a robot vacuum cleaner

Thank heavens Christmas is over. Because the tree is gone, so are the guests, and Mr Robot has been able to roam across the floors of our maisonette giving them a good vacuum and making the place look clean and tidy again.

The non-negotiables for a conducive home workspace

Working from home has its perks - no daily rail commute or hours spent in traffic jams. And you can get more done without that tiring travel. Not to mention the overarching benefit of better work / life balance - well most people say that's why they like to WFH. But you do need to carve out a space to work in your home if you're going to make it a success - perching on the sofa with a laptop on your knees will drive you nuts before too long.

Eco-friendly paints - what it means and who makes them

what is meant by eco friendly paint? did you know acrylic paints contain plastic? choose paints from brands that use no plastics or noxious chemicals if you don't want your walls to off-gas, impairing air quality in your home

Heat pumps: a viable option for UK homes?

The holy grail is for everyone to have a low-carbon, low-cost form of heating.

But according to a recent study, only half (54 per cent) of UK homeowners are aware of heat pumps, and many aren't clear of their options when it comes to incorporating green tech into their heating and hot water system - as well as the many regulations that surround this thus far fairly unknown piece of equipment.

Meet auctioneer Catherine Southon

Antiques. The word may inspire you or turn you off, and your age is likely to have something to do with your response. Older people may think of beautiful Georgian furniture, rich mahogany pieces with intricate marquetry, while younger people may well think antiques are big ugly pieces of brown wood that their great grandparents lived with.

Eco warriors as well as workhorse worktops

Eco worktops and environmentally friendly worktop materials include Eco by Cosentino, Resilica recycled glass, and Richlite. All are hard wearing and intended to last for at least 30 years. Environmentally friendly choices. good for kitchens and bathrooms. Swiss CDF by Kronospan is another good eco option being made from FSC-certified wood fibre.