Stuff - how to display it, not drown in it

Occasionally we're forced to confront the sheer amount of stuff we have - in my case it's having solar panels installed which requires the installers to be able to get to fuse boxes, the loft space and run up and down stairs. Initially they couldn't, so I've piled things into corners they can. And I have found myself thinking what is all this stuff? and I vow to take it to the recycling centre. Soon.

Inspiring ideas - it's the wonderful Deco Christmas gift guide 2023

Deco Christmas gift guide offers ideas for eco friendly craft, UK/EU made homewares. Vintage, antique, wool, wood, fair trade...we cover them all. Green shopping for greener Christmas gifts is easy with the Deco eco friendly Christmas gift guide. Eco friendly Christmas gifts. Eco friendly Christmas presents.

Eco warriors as well as workhorse worktops

Eco worktops and environmentally friendly worktop materials include Eco by Cosentino, Resilica recycled glass, and Richlite. All are hard wearing and intended to last for at least 30 years. Environmentally friendly choices. good for kitchens and bathrooms. Swiss CDF by Kronospan is another good eco option being made from FSC-certified wood fibre.

Heat pumps: a viable option for UK homes?

The holy grail is for everyone to have a low-carbon, low-cost form of heating.

But according to a recent study, only half (54 per cent) of UK homeowners are aware of heat pumps, and many aren't clear of their options when it comes to incorporating green tech into their heating and hot water system - as well as the many regulations that surround this thus far fairly unknown piece of equipment.

Mattress in a box - how eco is it?

foam mattress in a box may sound good in that they come rolled up on a box but they are not easily disposed of so are not eco friendly

Avoid condensation and mould in your home

ventilate your home to avoid condensation and black mould. It's healthier to have airflow indoors so even in winter, be sure to open windows a little

Ideas to make rented flats more personal

Usually there are limitations on how much you can modify a rented place without jeopardising your deposit at the end of your tenancy. Unless you've obtained permission from your landlord, any alterations you undertake must be temporary and not result in any damage to the property. 

However, Nick Woodward of property company Essential Living has some easy and affordable ways to make a rented flat/house feel like home - without risking your deposit. 

House plants

To buy or not to buy leather? Is it eco friendly? A tough decision...

Is there eco friendly leather? Is leather good or bad from an environmental perspective? Many of us think because leather is a natural product, it must be good. But tanning leather has always been a dirty business and in many parts of the world it remains so.

Eco-friendly paints - what it means and who makes them

what is meant by eco friendly paint? did you know acrylic paints contain plastic? choose paints from brands that use no plastics or noxious chemicals if you don't want your walls to off-gas, impairing air quality in your home