Reasons to make your home green

With more of us feeling the effects of climate change - rising temperatures and more extreme weather events - so we know we have to do what we can in our own lives to protect the environment. Crucially we need to ensure our homes are insulated and our appliances are the most energy-efficient models.

insulate your roof space

Insulation is really important because it keeps warm air in our homes, not drifting out through the roof - a waste of money that means we use more energy, which equals more CO2 emissions.

Making our housing eco friendly doesn't have to cost the earth. While many of us can't afford heat pumps, solar panels or new electric boilers, there are things we can all do to help ourselves and the environment through minimising our energy consumption. Remember, around 30 per cent of the UK's CO2 emissions come from our housing stock.

Look for A, AA and AAA rated appliances

The use of energy-efficient appliances is a key way to make your home eco-friendly. Triple A-rated dishwashers, fridges and washing machines us less water and energy than older B-rates models, so when you need to replace your white goods, look for models in the A and above energy-use category.  And choose LED bulbs over halogen because they use minimal electricity. The more we demand the most energy efficient appliances, the more manufacturers will produce them. 

Low water consumption

Keep water use down. Opt for a meter for your home if it's available because you'll be much more aware of the need to conserve water. Pressing the short flush button after a wee is a must, and investing a few quid in a 4-minute shower timer will be money well spent if you're fed up of running out of hot water by 9am. Get a water butt for outside so you can collect rainwater for watering your plants and garden. And use the washing machine less - ideally fill it and use it once a week. Train yourself not to use it for 3 T-shirts and two pairs of knickers!

Increase the value of your home

Making your home green can be a good investment because more buyers are on the lookout for properties with features such as solar panels and power storage units, or electric boilers. So if you invest in these things, you'll probably make your money back when you sell in the future. And should you decide to sell and move to that lovely county of Kent, a mortgage adviser in Kent can assist you. They'll help find the best rates so you get the loan you need with repayments convenient to you. 

Saving money, saving the environment

Reducing the amount of gas, electricity and water you use saves the planet and save you money, so keep the win-win in the front of your mind. And by focusing on recycling too, buying as much as possible without packaging (loose fruit and veg for example rather than pre-packaged) and composting your foodwaste, so you'll also feel good about helping reduce the amount of landfill waste in the UK. Getting into a no-waste state of mind can also make you get creative and bring out your inner artist/designer/maker so you don't automatically go out and buy things you might already have at home. Another money saving tip is to either batch cook if you have a freezer and can store food easily, or to cook only what you're going to eat, so you don't end up throwing food away. And hey, you don't need reminding not to boil a full kettle for one cup or tea or not to keep the tap running when you brush your teeth. No, of course you don't!

Better health

Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products because they don't use harsh/toxic chemicals, which makes them safer for the family. By cutting out bleach, for example, so you'll be improving your indoor air quality because bleach off-gases. And generally try to avoid things in aerosol cans such as air fresheners, because they contain chemicals that sit in the air. If you need to freshen a room, open a window for half an hour and let some fresh air in.