Top Storage Ideas For Your Garden

Organising outside space can seem daunting and one easy solution that's often overlooked is outdoor storage. So what are the options?

Choose multi-functional outdoor furniture such as wooden benches with seats that lift up to reveal plenty of storage space for cushions/throws etc.


Gardens eh...there are just so many items that need organising -  pots, planters, gardening tools, lawn mower, grills, not forgetting bicycles and spare tiles. So yes your garden could become an unwieldy mess ...but with a bit of forethought it doesn't have to. Quite the opposite in fact.

Invest in multi-functional furniture

When you build your deck or patio, opt for multi-functional furniture to adorn it with. A big, comfy weatherproof sofa and a couple of chairs are perfect for enjoying the fresh air, and when you have guests over, good outdoor furniture is invaluable for entertaining. Seating does take up a lot of space though, so be sure to choose pieces with integral storage for cushions, blankets, rugs etc.

Use wall shelving units for plant displays

If you have a lot of potted plants, then invest in weatherproof wall shelves which you can stand to the side of your space. A wide shelving unit can be used to create a lovely display of plants, and it can store dozens of cuttings and seedlings, keeping them safe from slugs and snails before you plant them out in the garden. Shelves will help you save up a lot of space. And if you're lucky enough to have a walled garden and you have the tools, why not fix some shelves to one of the garden walls that's most sheltered from the elements. Just be sure the wood is treated so it can withstand rain. 

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Wall cabinets

You can find large cabinets for the garden which are perfect for smaller tools such as trowels and secateuers. Having tool lying around is annoying because you never know where they are when you need them and they can be a trip hazard too for children and elderly people. So store them neatly and you know where you find them. And with a cabinet, you can shut the doors so tools can be protected from bad weather.

Storage facility

If your garden is tiny then a storage facility could be the way to go because you can store your garden equipment and tools without using up precious space to sit or have plants. A storage facility is also perfect for anyone who wants to declutter and lessen the amount of stuff in the house. Because while garden equipment is one thing, we all have a load of seasonal items - such as trunks of summer clothes - and boxes of books etc that tend to take over rooms, so getting them out of the house and into a storage unit while we don't need them makes sense. Think of what you can do with so more extra space now  your attic, basement, garage, or closet is freed up from bags and boxes of extraneous stuff!

Build a shed

Of course, if you have the space then a garden shed is the way to go! You could build your own or buy a kit - sheds span the spectrum from the very simple and inexpensive to being more like very comfortable rooms in themselves - the latter obvioulsy cost a lot more. A shed can help you maintain a pretty and well-trimmed garden because you have easy access to all your tools and other essentials such as bags of compost, leaf bags and picnic chairs. And if you go for a bigger shed it can double up as workshop, a kids' playden, an art studio, or even a gym.