Turn your garden into a luxurious haven in 5 steps

Is your garden looking neglected? perhaps it's become overgrown and you don't know where to start, or it's so dull you seldom venture into it? Well having appealing outside space is good for our health while well-tended gardens can add a lot of value to a property. So don't throw your hands up in despair, follow these tips and your garden will be looking great again

Water features are lovely in gardens

You don't have to be born with green fingers to achieve an attractive garden. You may not even like gardening that much but that's not an excuse for letting your outside space go to waste. Pictured above: consider putting a water feature in your garden to add a focal point - and they make a lovely sound too

Having an attractive outdoor space is a very desirable feature in a property, which is why gardens can add a lot of value to a house. However, while having a good-sized garden is great, it can become very off-putting if it’s not taken care of and is left to grow out of control. So while it may take a bit of time and money, turning your garden into a luxurious haven is well worth the effort. Here are five simple things you can do to achieve this.


Before you get started, take the time to think carefully about how you want your garden to look. Plan the layout and divide it into sections (patio, allotment, flowerbed, lawn, etc.) This will make it easier to manage when it comes to renovating your garden, as well as maintaining it. You can have everything open or use bushes, tall grasses, or fencing to add extra privacy and segment parts of the garden off from another.

Add a summerhouse

A summerhouse is a very luxurious feature to have in a garden, and it’s brilliant because you can enjoy your outdoor haven whatever the weather. If you placed a heater in there, you could even enjoy your summerhouse throughout the winter! They are perfect for enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in the afternoons or staying outside into the evening with friends or family for an alfresco dinner party. If you’re not keen on getting a summerhouse, think about putting up a pergola over some decking or a patio. You can grow plants up and across the beams for a pretty, idyllic shaded area to sit under in the summer.

Plenty of colour

A garden should be vibrant, and even though you might not have room for sprawling flower beds, there are still plenty of other ways you can add a splash of colour to your garden. If you have a smaller garden, plant brightly coloured flowers in pots, or make sure the pots themselves are colourful. You could even paint your garden walls if you wanted to make a bigger statement.

Add a water feature

Like a summerhouse, water features look wonderful in gardens, and there are many different designs and sizes, making them suitable for every garden. They will require some maintenance, so be prepared to clean your filters and scoop out any debris with a net - especially if you put in a pond. You can find all kinds of water feature pumps and equipment at water-garden.co.uk

Comfortable seating

Finally, if you want to turn your garden into a luxurious haven, make sure it’s comfortable. Investing in quality garden furniture for both dining and lounging is essential. Consider buying additional cushions if necessary, and perhaps some blankets to use outdoors if you wish to stay outside later in the evening during the summer. Fire pits or garden heaters can also help to increase the cosy factor.