V&A Museum limited edition print collection

The V&A has commissioned six artists to paint pictures based on a piece of treasure in the museum that inspires them, or by art itself. Called V&A Select, paintings have been produced in limited edition sets of 75 prints per painting.

By Abby Trow
Clare Curtis

V&A Select offers limited edition prints of new works by contemporary artists who've been inspired by the gallery's extraordinary pieces. Pictured above: Jardin de Suzanne by printmaker Clare Curtis, £250; size: 67x47cm. Clare's love of plants and gardens is evident in much of her work; for this work she created a fantasy Art Deco garden scene inspired by the floral design of a carpet in the V&A collection by designer Suzanne Guiguichon, made in Paris circa1925.

If you want to give someone a work of art they'll love for life, a limited edition print from the V&A Select collection will more than fit the bill. Each of six paintings hase been turned into 75 prints, with prices from £220 to £500.

ART GIVES A VOICE TO THE VOICELESS, Bob and Roberta Smith, £500. Paper size 40 x 41cm; Image size 33 x 33cm

Bob and Roberta Smith see art as an important element in democratic life. This new print demands our attention and calls on us to recognise the importance of creativity and the fundamental and unique way art can develop the human voice.

My Favourite Colour is Rainbow by Adam Bridgland, £250, Size A2 (42 x 59.4cm)

A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Adam Bridgland has several works in the V&A collection. He's inspired by British popular culture and graphic traditions. His work is often witty and generous in spirit featuring a clever interplay of word and image. This newly commissioned print for the V&A stands for joy, beauty, colour, play and hope. And it'll remind everyone of the Clap for Carers rainbow pictures that appeared in everyone's window during the first covid-19 lockdown earlier in the year.


Bob & Roberta Smith, £500
Adam Bridgland, £250

RendezvousKustaa Saksi, £275, Size 60 x 80cm

Based on an early 16th century millefleurs tapestry in the collection, this painting by Finnish artist Kustaa Saksi reimagines the narrative of the tapestry as a meeting between a Unicorn and Horus, wandering through a field of flowers.

I’m a Remarkable Woman by Freya Pocklington, £350, Size 60 x 70cm

Artist Freya Pocklington’s exuberant scene set in The Gamble Room celebrates female makers in the V&A archive. The main characters are Mary Queen of Scots, Josephine Baker, May Morris and textile designer Alithea McNish, the artwork is packed with objects made by women. A detailed list of works is included with the print. 

Rendezvous by Kustaa Saksi
I'm a Remarkable Woman by Freya Pocklington, £350

Spring by Zarah Hussain, £220, Size 50 x 55cm

Artist Zarah Hussain learnt to hand-draw traditional patterns from the Muslim world during her MA in Islamic Art at The Prince’s School for Traditional Arts. Zarah’s work explores how symmetry, repetition and the careful placing of colour can create a sense of balance and calm for both maker and viewer.