Window restoration: a key part in maintaining historic buildings

If you have a listed or period building to maintain, you'll know that windows need to be maintained in keeping with the original architecture - so don't rush to uPVC fittings

maintaining a period building means having windows that are in keeping with original architecture

Don't think you can replace old wooden sash or Crittall metal windows with more energy efficient and less expensive uPVC double glazed windows - because you'll more than likely come a cropper with the planning authorities

Taking on a period house can be a long-term undertaking because you'll have to maintain its original architecture and features. Leaky windows can be a nightmare if you're trying to conserve energy, but don't rush to fit modern units because you'll almost certainly fall foul of your planning authorities and could well be asked to remove any replacements deemed not in keeping with the property. 

Fortunately, specialist window restoration companies can provide a cost efficient way to restore and maintain worn/damaged windows. So if you're looking for an expert business to ensure the windows on your period property are restored to exacting standards, click here and get connected who stumbled across this article while seeking reliable window restoration service for your property restoration needs, click here to get connected.

The importance of restoring windows
Understanding a building's history is crucial before you embark on window restoration projects, because windows must always look in keeping with the original architecture. Windows are of course vital to any building because they provide a ventilation system that allows fresh air to circulate; they bring light inside; and they serve as decorative features that add character. Popular styles of window used in older architecture include casement windows, double-hung windows, and vertical sliding sash windows. Before implementing the restoration of windows, your restoration company will want to establish that what's there was installed originally and work out the extent of any damage - for example how much of the wood surrounds is rotten or metal is rusty, and whether some of it is restorable.

Restoring windows is part of making an old home look new -  new in the sense that it's in sound working order and is well cared for. And it can prove less costly to have old windows repaired rather than having brand new ones made and installed.

What to expect from a window restoration service
Window restorers will need to carry out a detailed inspection of the building. After that review, you'll be given a report on your windows' state of health -  their paint condition, presence of rust, wood rot, and the extent of any damage caused by weathering. And of course you'll get a quote for the cost of restoration work. 

The benefit of bringing in experts
It's not the case that any carpenter or glazier can fix windows. Windows in period buildings can be tricky to work on and that work should be undertaken by people who know what they're dealing with. Window restoration falls into three broad categories — routine maintenance, structural stabilisation, and parts replacement. Architects and engineers should consider subcontracting window renovation services to the experts, too, especially for buildings prized for their historical significance.