Antiques, recycling at its prettiest

The Decorative Antiques & Textile Fair in London's Battersea Park takes place in london 3 times a year With more than 140 exhibitors, it's the place to find one-off pieces of art, furniture and lighting. This year sees the Young Guns competition to find the best antiques dealers under 40. The event coincides with National Antiques Week 

FIX: Make do and mend it!

In Finland, just about every eight year old child can mend a hole in their socks. 'Finland has a great legacy of fixing and repairing', says  Sara Martinsen, co-curator of FIX. 'It’s part of our cultural heritage and leads back to our history, especially to the post-war times of the 1920s and '50s when there was lack of everything.' She says the skills to fix and repair garments, houses and furniture have been passed down through the generations and the fact that woodwork and handicrafts are still part of our primary school curriculum helps keep these skills alive.