Small space living: be stylish and eco friendly

Just because you're living in a small house or flat doesn't mean you can't choose eco friendly furniture that's multi-functional and adaptable, such as extendable or collapsible tables. Small space living needs good storage, whether built in or freestanding.

Top tables: make life better

Tables can seem dauntingly expensive, especially if you want a large one made from solid wood.  Whether the wood is reclaimed or not, a good table won't be cheap because wood is costly to produce and a lot of work goes into refining it. So don't think 'oh it's just four legs with a plank on top.'

Better perhaps to save up and then bask in the knowledge that the fine table you invest in is probably going to be the only one you never need to buy.

Bolia student design award winners

This year's three winners of Bolia's 2020 Design Award are:

Sailcloth upcycling: a new canvas

Dvelas is a perfect example of how simple and effective recycling can be. Based in Pamplona, it takes sails from boats and yachts that have become too worn for further use at sea and turns them into contemporary seating - beanbags, loungers, sun shades, stools and deckchairs.

New Scandi modern: Bolia

If Scandinavian design to you means all those mid-century greats such Arne Jacobsen, Poul Henningsen and Hans Wegner, it’s time to get with the 21st century and feast  your eyes on the work of companies such as Bolia which continue in the spirit of their not so distant forefathers.