The non-negotiables for a conducive home workspace

Working from home has its perks - no daily rail commute or hours spent in traffic jams. And you can get more done without that tiring travel. Not to mention the overarching benefit of better work / life balance - well most people say that's why they like to WFH. But you do need to carve out a space to work in your home if you're going to make it a success - perching on the sofa with a laptop on your knees will drive you nuts before too long.

French polish: the environmentally-friendly way to restore wood

French polishing is a technique to restore scuffed, marked and damaged wood using eco friendly ingredients. It is a sustainable method for restoring wooden furniture

Small space living: be stylish and eco friendly

Just because you're living in a small house or flat doesn't mean you can't choose eco friendly furniture that's multi-functional and adaptable, such as extendable or collapsible tables. Small space living needs good storage, whether built in or freestanding.

Pop a cork: in praise of cork's versatility

Cork is one of the most eco friendly, renewable materials on the market. It's the bark of the cork tree, and the bark is stripped once every 10 years, ensuring the trees are protected. For flooring, Granorte and Wicanders have innovative new cork floorings.

Fabulous sideboards - the best storage for your home

Sideboards or credenzas are super useful and attractive storage. The most eco are made from timber or reclaimed timber. Buy new or find them in vintage or antique shops as well as an auctions.

Top tables: make life better

Tables can seem dauntingly expensive, especially if you want a large one made from solid wood.  Whether the wood is reclaimed or not, a good table won't be cheap because wood is costly to produce and a lot of work goes into refining it. So don't think 'oh it's just four legs with a plank on top.'

Better perhaps to save up and then bask in the knowledge that the fine table you invest in is probably going to be the only one you never need to buy.

Cool for the gang - eco-friendly children's furniture

'When I think about why we made the chair, the feelings I have are that we're creating a space that is personal to the child,' says Jonathan Walter of Bark Furniture, referring to the new mini-me version of its Kustom chair that the company is making.

Beds for blissful nights - organic, natural, eco-friendly

Unless you have small children for decades on end, the odds are that you will spend around a third of your life in bed. Which means it is well worth thinking about the healthiness and eco-friendliness of something you'll be spending so much time on and in.

When around eight hours of your day is spent in bodily contact with a surface, you want to know that surface isn't awash with chemicals that may well off-gas for some considerable period and cause skin irritations.