IKEA has opened its first ever second hand store in Sweden

The world's first second-hand IKEA store has opened in Sweden. The move is part of the global brand's commitment to achieving a circular economy

The pandemic continues to affect trade shows, with the Surface Design Show the latest event to have to postpone

mattresses should be recycled not landfilled

A new recycling plants will stop thousands of unwanted mattresses ending up in the UK's landfill sites

Sofas & Stuff makes quality  furniture in the UK

The UK furniture maker is opening a new store in Bristol to serve the west of England and Wales

B&Q lighting collections

One of the UK's most environmentally-sound home improvement brands has unveiled an extensive collection of lighting

Hydrogen buses are coming to Birmingham

Hydrogen buses have launched in Aberdeen and it's almost lift-off when it comes to zero emissions public transport in the UK's second city

recycle and then recycle some more

We may be leaving, but the EU wants the UK to stick to an agreed aim that it should be recycling half of its waste by the end of this year. So don't allow Brexit, or the covid-19 pandemic, to make you let up on recycling

Sweatshops... some are worse than others

PaperTale is a new Swedish blockchain platform that makes it possible for consumers to scan a product with their smartphone and get on the spot authenticated information about the supply chain and the product's environmental impact

Jo Malone Peony & Suede Blush cologne

Jo Malone is donating to Estée Lauder Companies' Breast Cancer Campaign throughout October