Reset Earth from the UN's Ozone Secretariat

Young folks on their phones all day? Then encourage your Gen Zers to download Reset Earth, a mobile game from the UN's Ozone Secretariat (aka the UN Environment Programme). Set in the late 21st century, players race back and forth in time to save the planet earth.

Nat Maks' suminagashi floating ink prints, made in Margate

For abstract art in lovely colours, Nat Maks' prints are unique as she uses the centuries old craft of Suminagashi

Calligraphy is a feature of works by Mustapha Amnaine

Nadia Echiguer introduces us to the exuberant, stimulating, colourful world of Moroccan art via Moroccan Fine Art, an online gallery that showcases work by some of the country's most talented artists.

Clare Curtis

The V&A has commissioned six artists to paint pictures based on a piece of treasure in the museum that inspires them, or by art itself. Called V&A Select, paintings have been produced in limited edition sets of 75 prints per painting.

Joelle kem lika

French artist Joëlle Kem Lika uses her art to celebrate nature and encourage us all to value the planet we live on. She's held successful exhibitions in London and interest in her work is growing this side of the Channel

Jeremy Houghton's beguiling paintings of flamingos and birds in migration are a treat for art lovers and ornithologists

Artist lisa pappon makes ceramic fruits

These gorgeous ceramic apples come in many colours and sizes. Large ones make fabulous pieces of sculpture..which you can perch your bottom on...for the garden

Artist Dee McLean has made a series of paintings that chronicles the resurgence of the plants and flowers in the ponds area of Hampstead Heath