The best way to organise your wardrobe

Here's a step-by-step guide to having a wardrobe in which you can actually find the things to need without scrambling around and taking pot luck as to what turns up

A clean and neat wardrobe can do wonders for your life - and it is entirely possible to keep everything in its proper place with a little bit of skill and know-how. 

Rummaging around in the dark is probably the way most of us would describe finding stuff we need in the wardrobe..particuarly when it comes to smaller items such as socks, ties or T shirts. But a neat and clean wardrobe makes like much easier because you can get dressed more quickly. It may take a whole day (or two..) to organise your wardrobe and assign a special place for everything, but it's easy enough once you've committed yourself to the task. So here's the best way to organise your wardrobe. 

Step 1: Make it a point to have a clean room, and the surrounding area should be free from mess and clutter. Start by tidying your room and bed, as it does a lot for your mindset when you see your room and bed free from clutter - otherwise, you'll start your project feeling deflated and defeated. Seeing a clutter-free room should inspire you towards a clutter-free wardrobe!

Step 2: Remove the entire contents of your wardrobe – and we mean everything, from suits to socks to nicknacks. Place them neatly on your bed in several piles.

Step 3: Go through all the items and decide whether to store, keep, give them away or donate them to charity. You'll have some significant decisions to make, so don't be swayed by sentimental reasons ('I wore that jumper on our first date!') and don't decide based on how much you weighed when you were 20 ('I will wear that little black dress again once I've lost a stone or two'). Here's a tip: if you haven't thought about or worn a garment for the past year, it may be time to let it go.

Step 4: Once you've gone through the wholelot, you'll have a few neat piles to sort through. Give them a final check and see if you've left anything out of your 'give away' pile. Afterwards, clean the inside of your wardrobe using a damp cloth and spray with an anti-moth product, then decide what to put back and where. If it still seems that your wardrobe is too small, you could consider a built-in or fitted wardrobe. Firms such as Manchester fitted wardrobes company MyFittedBedroom can provide wardrobes for you space that meet your specifications. A truly great aspect of a bespoke fitted wardrobe is that it is built for your items, so that you can have one with many drawers, double shoe racks, cubbyholes, and more - features which make it easy to keep things to hand and in order.

Step 5: When re-stocking your wardrobe, so to speak, start with your clothes. It's a good idea to place your organise your clothing according to a category (eg skirts or blouses) and group them by colour. Next, place the clothes you wear the most in easy-to-reach areas and on shelves and rails at eye level. Clothes that are not worn regularly (evening dresses, say,  or black tie) can be placed in less accessible areas, for example on a higher hanging rail or shelf. 

And the clothes you've decided to donate or give away should be folded neatly and put in boxes by the door so you won't forget to take them to the charity/thrift shop.