Improvement tips for a healthier home environment

And while it's not good for our health to live in a totally sterile environment, bacteria and mould thrive in dirty messy homes, which can lead to illnesses, especially bronchial and respiratory ones. Too much dust too can lead to and exacerbate allergies. So if we want to keep ourselves and our families fit and healthy, let's not stint on regular cleaning and de-cluttering.

Upgrade your home in an eco-friendly way

It's inevitable a time will come when you find your tastes have changed and you start finding your home dated. You get to feel your place needs a design rethink so it's more functional, more modern; and, of course, given skyrocketing energy prices, more energy efficient. You could move  or tear down your house and build a new one..but you'll find it's far less expensive to upgrade or renovate.

Dress up your home with orchids

Orchids are endlessly fascinating with their complex sculptural blooms and variegated colour. They're exquisite exotic works of art, yet they have a minimalism about them - which explains why so many contemporary interior designers love them. They have great presence yet they're not overpowering. (And yes, ok, they may not always prove the easiest plant to keep in fine fettle, but more on that later.)

History made easy: warmth and minimalism in Catalonia house refurb

This house is called Ca l'Andreu and it had fallen into a poor state after an eco tourism venture failed to work. But the family who took it on were very aware of its cultural importance in the context of Catalan architectural history and wanted it restored as a solid dwelling where they could live comfortably but without the trappings of modern luxury living - they didn't want it turned into a marble-clad villa. Quite the reverse in fact, they wanted it to be simple, clean and minimal.

The latest luxurious but sustainable interior design trends

If you're looking to update your home in 2022, take note of some inspiring luxury design trends you might want to incorporate into your scheme, choosing sustainable materials


Home improvement: what to consider

home improvements should be undertaken regularly to keep your house or flat in good order so it's nice to live in and easy to sell should you need to move

Sustainability design and construction showroom opens in London

If we're to meet our net zero goals, our towns and cities must use far more sustainable materials than concrete and glass. So whether your project is small or large, domestic or contract, sustainability must be at its core as much as aesthetics - which is where the new Edge showroom can help. The approx 2,400 sq ft space covers three floors showcasing the latest green building materials and products, with collaborative workspaces and expert staff on hand to advise professionals and members of the public alike. 

Are you bored with your doors?

Good doors are worth investing in because doors are an important design feature. And they can be very eco-friendly, being made from sustainable wood or recyclable materials such as glass or metal. Urban Front is a UK manufacturer of solid wood and veneered doors.


Build a summer house in sunny Spain

'The house is located in an elevated residential area, which is dominated by the hillside that leads down to the sea,' explains architect Ramón Esteve. 'This view marked the direction that the walls would follow, in an abstract manner, defining the project,'