Every shelf needs some: Bookends

Small businesses need our business! We love the work of model maker Timothy Richards, especially his renditions of classic British design, so if you're after a quirky present for someone, take a look

Phonebox bookends

Pair of bookends £220. Phone box height is 7.5in. Made in the UK and available from The Modern Souvenir Company.

The red phone box was designed in 1924 by Giles Gilbert Scott and the K6 model, seen here, was designed in 1936 and 60,000 were installed in streets around the country over the next 30 years. 

The red telephone box may be a thing of the past, but if you want to remind your teens of just how fabulous our street furniture - if you can call it that - was, then a pair of plaster phone box bookends by Bath-based Timothy RIchards would be a present that should see them through to old age...

Plaster model miniatures from Timothy Richards