The importance of renovating wood in the home

Exposed wood beams don't need much in the way of day to day maintenance but periodically it makes sense to have them renovated to ensure they'll be doing a grand job in 200 years' time


Exposed wood beams

Does your home have exposed wooden beams? If so you'll know how sturdy a building material wood is while beams are lovely to look at too

Hardwood, such as oak, is one of the sturdiest construction materials - and the fact that we have buildings still in great condition that were built hundreds of years ago using wooden beams is, of course, testament to that.  Structural support beams that are exposed are also an attractive feature giving rooms character - and a sense that, being hewn from trees, they're connecting the house to nature. And in very old properties, beams are a daily reminder of their history. Beams don't need much input from you but if you have wooden elements that have existed for a long time and are looking a bit tired, or you fear they may have woodworm or be starting to decay in places, you should consider getting in experts to see if they need to be renovated.  

Keeping exposed wood beams in good condition makes sense for many reasons:

Historical relevance 

If you live in a property with exposed wood beams and other wood structural elements, you'll want to maintain the wood so the building will still be standing for future generations. And in the here and how, you'll want to maintain your property's value so should you come to sell, a survey report isn't going to put off future buyers by telling them the interior beams are unsound. And that sense of a duty to maintain old beams because of their link to the past is possibly even greater if you live in a listed building. In that case you would have to get special permission before undertaking any renovation or restoration work. But once granted you might find there are government subsidies to help with maintenance costs.

Charm and beauty

Exposed wood beams look lovely and should be maintained so they're always a job to behold! Plenty of beam renovation professionals can bring wood back to pristine condition without damaging it. Beam renovation is worth investing whether you're staying put or moving on - and bear in mind keeping original beams and ensuring they're in excellent condition adds to the value of a house over one where original beams have been removed and replaced with new ones. 

The value of the building exceeds expectations

Many people love old buildings with original features and exposed beams are a huge selling point. So if you're lucky enough to live in a house with them, ensure they're in good order.