The non-negotiables for a conducive home workspace

If you want to make working from home work for you in the long term, you need to invest some time and money in operation home workspace

Working from home has its perks - no daily rail commute or hours spent in traffic jams. And you can get more done without that tiring travel. Not to mention the overarching benefit of better work / life balance - well most people say that's why they like to WFH. But you do need to carve out a space to work in your home if you're going to make it a success - perching on the sofa with a laptop on your knees will drive you nuts before too long.

Build your home office
It's essential to have a dedicated area for work. If  your kids have gone to university or left home, you might have a spare room to use as a home office, but if not, think creatively: is there a nook or recess you could repurpose as your office, assuming there's room for a desk and chair? If you're a home owner with outside space, why not have a home office built there? Either find a builder to construct a bespoke structure or choose a company which specialises in home offices.  

Working from home is better with aircon
One important feature that will keep your home office comfortable is air conditioning. Working at home in hot weather can be very difficult and with longer, warmer summers becoming the norm, you need to think about how to keep your workspace cool enough for you to concentrate. If you have the budget, choose an aircon system installed by a big company; but it could be more cost-effective to find a local player to meet your needs effectively, such as these experts who provide top-notch air conditioning services in Surrey to make home office spaces comfortable.

Get the right lighting 
Lighting is another non-negotiable for your home office. Your workspace should get sufficient natural light to keep things bright and lively, but you will need good task lighting for darker days - so desk lamps with directional heads and perhaps some recessed LED spotlights. Remember poor lighting can cause headaches and eye strain, as well as producing a depressing atmosphere.  

Choose the most functional desk and comfy chair combination
Your work output won't be optimal if you have a rubbish desk and chair combination. To make the most of your home office, seek out the perfect desk, ie a desk that's big enough for your to work on, one that can can accommodate a lamp and a computer. And remember your chair needs to be ergonomic and comfortable because you'll end up with back problems otherwise. And remember to stand up and move around regularly because sitting for hours even on the most advanced office chair is bad for your health. Clearly budgets differ but a general rule of thumb is to invest in the best quality products you can afford.

Comfort and convenience should be the guiding principles for your work-from-home space.