Sprout's grow-your-own pencils

Danish eco start-up Sprout has taken window sill food cultivation up a notch with their plant a pencil and watch it grow...basil, tomatoes, parsley, micro greens, whatever takes your fancy

From a pencil can sprout all manner of edible goodies. So when your pencil get down to the end, don't bin it, plant it. 

Multi-functionality is a good thing...desks that become beds, coffee tables that become dining tables, glass that can be transparent and opaque - and now we have pencils that are full of seeds, so when you plant them, herbs, flowers and veg will sprout forth.

Danish start-up Sprout produces the world's only patented plantable pencil - and it's found admirers in high places, from Richard Branson to Michelle Obama, apparently.

The pencils are manufactured in Poland and the US using sustainable wood and they're now available in 60 countries.


Sprout pencils come in various colours and packaging is customisable
Kids will love planting out the pencils and watching food appear!