Wooden sheds remain top choice for garden storage

Thinking about installing a shed in the garden? Despite a plethora or plastic and metal sheds coming onto the market, timber remains the material most of us prefer, because it's eco-friendly, weathers well and gains in character over time

Garden sheds are best made from wood

If you've got a garden, no matter how small, chances are you want a shed in it. Sheds come in easy to assemble flat-packs or you can have them constructed on site if you want a larger more elaborate product. Sheds are super useful and if you have one made from timber, it'll age beautifully

The potting shed has long been the stuff of jokes but a shed is a highly prized item these days! A shed is essential it you have lots of garden equipment you need to store, and sheds have even become places to work or grab a moment's peace and quiet. Sheds come in all sort of shapes and sizes and at prices to suit all budgets, so the question is, what material to choose as plastic and metal ones compete with wood for your attention?

Well, research suggests wood remains people's number one choice for sheds, because it's eco friendly, sustainable (assuming your shed is made from timber from managed forests) and has that quintessentially English aesthetic.

Easy assembly

If you analyse different shed materials, wood comes out on top when it comes to ease of assembly. You can have your wooden shed set up in a few hours with a minimum of help, and all you need are some standard tools and know-how. But if you prefer, you can always opt for pre-made wooden sheds, such as those from Norfolk Garden Sheds,. The company will install the shed for you and you can have it customised to suit your needs.

Replaceable parts

Timber sheds have easily replaceable parts. Unlike metal or plastic, wooden sheds' components and parts are accessible and convenient to replace. For example, if a wall panel becomes damaged, it's not a problem to remove it and put a new panel in its place. You can also enhance the strength of your wooden shed with special treatments for the wood, such as a protective oil that will ensure the colour of the wood doesn't fade and it can withstand the heaviest downpours.

Wood looks naturally lovely

Even though some metal or plastic sheds are made to look like wood, there’s no doubt that wood is still the most aesthetically-appealing choice. A timber shed will seamlessly blend in with the 'landscape' of your garden due to its natural, grainy texture and colour, and you can even have it stained or painted to go with your garden’s design/theme. 

Planning permission not required

You don't need to get planning permission to put up a timber shed in your garden - assuming it's one that doesn't require deep foundations! 


Builders and contractors know that wood offers natural thermal insulation. So a simple garden shed can be quite warm during most of the year. That said if you want to use your shed as a room year-round, you will need to think about more substantial insulation and how to make it warm enough to spend time in during cold weather.