Upcycling with Kajsa Kinsella: make your own special memory card game

I recently came across an old pile of memory game cards I'd bought in the market many years ago and as they were looking decidedly tattered - not surprising after all this time - I thought the children could help me give them a makeoever so we could play with them again.  

You will need:

Old memory game card

Pretty paper - eg sheets of wrapping paper

Flat decorations such as cut out images, paper scraps, stickers, buttons, sequins etc


Clear book covering film

Sprout's grow-your-own pencils

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Every shelf needs some: Bookends

The red telephone box may be a thing of the past, but if you want to remind your teens of just how fabulous our street furniture - if you can call it that - was, then a pair of plaster phone box bookends by Bath-based Timothy RIchards would be a present that should see them through to old age...