4 sustainable ways to add life to your home

On your sustainability journey it's important to remember no one is perfect, so don't beat yourself up if you slip up! What you're doing is super worthwhile and will have positive long-term impact. So get started on making a more environmentally-friendly and beautiful home.
Up-cycle old furniture

The importance of renovating wood in the home

Exposed oak wooden beams are a feature of architecture over the centuries

Key ways to make your home look more modern

We trog along happily for years but then one day start looking with a critical eye at our homes. The carpet looks drab, the kitchen looks tired, that magnolia paint is scuffed and what a dull colour...Then we start to think about updating and modernising a bit and generally giving our homes a brand new look and feel.

The best way to organise your wardrobe

Rummaging around in the dark is probably the way most of us would describe finding stuff we need in the wardrobe..particuarly when it comes to smaller items such as socks, ties or T shirts. But a neat and clean wardrobe makes like much easier because you can get dressed more quickly. It may take a whole day (or two..) to organise your wardrobe and assign a special place for everything, but it's easy enough once you've committed yourself to the task. So here's the best way to organise your wardrobe. 

Improvement tips for a healthier home environment

And while it's not good for our health to live in a totally sterile environment, bacteria and mould thrive in dirty messy homes, which can lead to illnesses, especially bronchial and respiratory ones. Too much dust too can lead to and exacerbate allergies. So if we want to keep ourselves and our families fit and healthy, let's not stint on regular cleaning and de-cluttering.

Are you bored with your doors?

Good doors are worth investing in because doors are an important design feature. And they can be very eco-friendly, being made from sustainable wood or recyclable materials such as glass or metal. Urban Front is a UK manufacturer of solid wood and veneered doors.


Home improvement: what to consider

home improvements should be undertaken regularly to keep your house or flat in good order so it's nice to live in and easy to sell should you need to move

Sustainability design and construction showroom opens in London

If we're to meet our net zero goals, our towns and cities must use far more sustainable materials than concrete and glass. So whether your project is small or large, domestic or contract, sustainability must be at its core as much as aesthetics - which is where the new Edge showroom can help. The approx 2,400 sq ft space covers three floors showcasing the latest green building materials and products, with collaborative workspaces and expert staff on hand to advise professionals and members of the public alike. 

Build a summer house in sunny Spain

'The house is located in an elevated residential area, which is dominated by the hillside that leads down to the sea,' explains architect Ramón Esteve. 'This view marked the direction that the walls would follow, in an abstract manner, defining the project,' 

Patterned tiles for a Mediterranean style kitchen

A lot of us have moved away from ceramic tiles in the kitchen, in favour of resilient flooring such as vinyl, linoleum or rubber and glass splashbacks.

But if you want to be creative, take inspiration from the colourful and detailed encaustic patterns of the 19th century, which you see used to great effect in Mediterranean countries.