Hydrogen buses for Birmingham

The Clean Air Hydrogen Bus Pilot looks to kick-start the hydrogen market as a viable zero-emission fuel with launch early next year of 20 hydrogen buses in Birmingham. The buses, made by Wrightbus, are the world's first zero-emission hydrogen fuel-cell double deckers, and they'll be use from next April with National Express West Midlands.

Papertale: new technology lets consumers choose sustainable future

The new Swedish blockchain platform PaperTale aims to empower consumers to drive a sustainable economy.  As well as letting you see information about a product's environmental impact, it also shows informatoin about the workers in the factory who made the product, whether they're paid the salaries deemed acceptable in their country and you can even interact with them and pay a tip should you want to. Consumers will have the power to make informed decisions about what they buy and this could strengthen companies that choose to work sustainably.

Bolia student design award winners

This year's three winners of Bolia's 2020 Design Award are:

Petrochemical ban from Unilever products by 2030

Unilever's decision to cut petrochemical-derived ingredients from its cleaning products should have a big knock-on effect, say environmentalists.

Thorndown launches new wood paint colours

Thorndown has unveiled its new Somerset Heritage Colour Collection of wood paints. It compliments the 48-strong core colour chart, adding soft tones of the natural world from muted stone to blues and greens of field and country.

Brits intend to keep to low carbon living post covid

Two surveys conducted by the UK Centre for Climate and Social Transformation (CAST), coordinated by Cardiff University, suggests lockdown has upended our habits, from buying and travelling less to reducing energy use and cutting down on food waste.

Anti bacterial treatment for natural stone

Stone producer Antolini has developed and patented an 'exclusive process capable of increasing the performance of its natural stones, making them healthier and more hygienic.'

Azerobact® plus is, the company says, suitable for all natural stones, creating an antibacterial surface on the material which inhibits the formation and proliferation of bacteria, thereby contributing to cleaner, healthier interiors.