• Lomi sofa Bolia

    Happy birthday to Bolia, which turns 20 this year. For 21st century style with a mid- century modern vibe and terrific eco credentials, it's hard to find a better furniture brand


Catherine Southon

Auctions are fun and if you're doing up your home on a tight budget you'd be mad not to go to a few, says auctioneer Catherine Southon - a familiar face on the BBC. And you can't really get more eco-friendly than antiques, she says

Richlite is made from recycled paper

There's no need to sacrifice good looks and wonderful colour options when choosing environmentally-friendly worktops

Emma mattresses

Foam mattress-in-a-box ads are everywhere. But mattresses at the end of their lives invariably get dumped in landfill, so what are manufacturers of this new breed doing to lessen their products' environmental impact?

don't cover radiators with wet clothes

It might seem counter intuitive, but don't dry clothes on heated radiators and be sure to open windows even in winter if you want to avoid condensation and worse still, mould

Fill your place with pot plants

Assuming you can meet the invariably exorbitant rent...lots of us dislike renting because we can can do very little to the accommodation..such as painting it new colours or changing the flooring. But there are things you can do to make a rented place feel more like your home, which don't cost the earth

Leather's natural so it's good, right? Well, no, it's not that simple. Leather production remains a dirty business with many industry players still having a long way to go in terms of cleaning up their act. So is 'vegan leather' the answer? Well, no, that can be greenwashed hogwash too!

Let's hear it for French polish to restore wood furniture

Many of us reach for a pot of paint when wooden furniture starts to look tired. Is that because we've forgotten about the noble art of French polishing, which restores wood to its former glories? Abby Trow talks to expert Dan Norris

Malkia scented candles

Sales of candles, particularly fragranced ones, continue to grow. And we're seeing more small artisan manufacturers bring delicious, quirky, new fragrances to the market while striving to make their products environmentally friendly


Concept kitchen by German brand Naber is easy to assemble and disassemble without tools

We Brits have some of the smallest homes in the EU, as builders and developers give us tiny rooms, invariably with no built-in storage. And as buying property remains unaffordable for many so we're going back to being a nation of renters. In which case don't deny yourself good furniture - just make sure it's easy to pack up and take with you when you move.