He's put eco into chic, and if you're among those who would like to be more eco-friendly but think it's too much of a hassle or too expensive, he can help

Pendant rose eco space dividers made from EchoPanel

Woven Image's EchoPanel is a brilliant lightweight material with myriad uses. It comes in stunning colours and patterns, it's eco-friendly - and it's got great acoustic properties too. Time to get creative!

Exposed wood beams

Exposed wood beams don't need much in the way of day to day maintenance but periodically it makes sense to have them renovated to ensure they'll be doing a grand job in 200 years' time


Here's a step-by-step guide to having a wardrobe in which you can actually find the things to need without scrambling around and taking pot luck as to what turns up

interior designers are a godsend

Good interior design takes skill and practical know-how: so if you haven't got a clue where to start, or feel unclear about what style you're going for, call in an expert to help you make the right decisions and choices 

maintaining a period building means having windows that are in keeping with original architecture

If you have a listed or period building to maintain, you'll know that windows need to be maintained in keeping with the original architecture - so don't rush to uPVC fittings

The Bocci light fitting fills the central atrium

This light and capacious modern house on a sloping plot in Vienna is heated from the ground, full of oak and has a Bocci cascading light fixture as its piece de resistance

bluebellgray has gone from the kitchen table to big time homewares brand in a short space of time. Abby Trow caught up with Fi Douglas, artist, designer, company founder and lover of flowers to find out how she’s coping with success and why her designs have struck such a chord 

solar panels harness the power of the sun

The need for us to switch to renewable sources of energy is urgent because our use of fossil fuels is causing global warming and climate change. We're familiar with the word 'renewables', but that said lots of us still aren't entirely sure what's meant by the term