Quick step laminate is a good choice of eco floor

Having eco-friendly home interiors is something decomag readers strive for. One of the best places to start is your floors and we have plenty of ideas that are sustainable and give your home the wow factor

Recycled plastic rug from nanimarquina

The weather's been very wet in the UK so far this year, but when the sun comes out, so must the outdoor rug...which will make your deck/patio/lawn look so much more inviting. Choose rugs made from recycled polyester or other plastic - they're great for impromptu picnics and summer gatherings, as well as for sunbathing on. And even the odd summer downpour won't hurt them...

Indigo Ochre wool flatweave gelim by Ptolemy Mann

For many of us, it's the rug that maketh the room... a beautiful rug adds colour, texture and softness underfoot. We've compiled a variety of designs across the price ranges that will put a spring in our step as we tread through 2024

For larger rooms, the wider the planks, the more striking the floor can look. And wood from sustainable forests, or reclaimed wood, are good choices for the eco-minded, nature-loving home-owner

 Westex Penultima Carpet

New carpet is a delight. But it can be an environmental horror when its time comes to die. So are there eco-friendly carpets on the market? And what can you do with a dead one? Kay Hill investigates

abby trow with Lupe Pure cordless

It's very expensive, it's got unusual looks and it doesn't take up much space. So is it any good and is it worth the money? 

Great to see more companies offering stylish homewares made from recycled materials. Runners and rugs are a quick and easy way to smarten up a hallway, landing or living room and Flooring Superstore has some modern, inexpensive pieces made from recycled T-shirts

Sphere8 poured floor in a south London house by Paul Warren Design

Sphere8 offers perfectly smooth and seamless resin floors with a difference - their product is plant rather than petrochemical-based

A new rug can transform a room and Claire Gaudion's designs are perfect if you're after subtle earth colours in contemporary designs