Bloomsbury Revisited lampshades

The penchant for bare bulbs, albeit fancy LED ones, has meant the good ol' lampshade hasn't had much of a look-in lately. So it's good to find two new makers who're getting us enthused about lamp bases and shades once again

lamp with base from used umbrella mechanism

The designers at anti love to reuse and recycle - and they've homed in on discarded umbrellas as the base material for their first collection of lamps. Here they explain their ethos

The Cornwall based reclaimed lighting company says it will become CO2 neutral within three years and it's declared a climate emergency

Pet Lamps are made in Spain, Colombia and now Chile by artisan communities

Pet Lamp started in Spain to encourage designers to put ubiquitous waste plastic bottles to creative use. Now it's on the way to becoming a global sustainable lighting project.

Alonsa LED from Dar Lighting

Dår Lighting's Alonsa pendant is lovely to look at at any time of day but when it's on, it's magical

Madeleine Boulesteix

Madeleine Boulesteix can take a box of unwanted glasses, teacups and jelly moulds and turn them into chandelier that will captivate and delight you for years to come. She talks to Abby Trow about her work

Skinflint reclaimed lighting

The Cornwall based reclaimed lighting company says it will become CO2 neutral within four years and it's declared a climate emergency

A light that creates interesting effects Fusion

You don't have to be a lighting designer to achieve mood and ambience with your lamps. The Fusion cut-out cube is a sculptural piece that gives a gentle wash of light

LZF lighting founders Marivi Colvi and Sandro Tothill

Abby Trow talks to lighting designer Mariví Calvo of innovative wood veneer lighting brand LZF. She reckons the company is about as eco as it's possible for a designer brand to be.