Start collecting rainwater's a precious resource

We're experiencing drought conditions in many parts of the UK, but fingers crossed it will rain again in the not too distant future. And when it does, vow to collect as much as you can of this precious resource that falls from the sky so you can use it to water the plants in dry times

Garden sheds are best made from wood

Thinking about installing a shed in the garden? Despite a plethora or plastic and metal sheds coming onto the market, timber remains the material most of us prefer, because it's eco-friendly, weathers well and gains in character over time

Seedball for hedgehogs

Hedgehog populations have plummeted and Seedball wants us all to scatter some seeds to help reverse their precipitous decline in numbers

Keep your outside space in good shape by doing a little but often

outside seating is a must for the garden

The promise of warmer weather means we can look forward to enjoying time in the garden after a winter of being cooped up. And even if we have only a tiny outside space, we can make it appealing with a few simple steps

With a bit of care you can grow olive trees in the UK

Our summers are getting hotter it must be said..which may spur you into wanting some olive trees for your garden or deck. Ah but won't they just die given the UK's still unpredictable climate? 

lots of plants in pots bring outside space to life

Any outside space can be improved with colourful pretty plants in take a leaf out of our Mediterranean friends' book

Elizabeth Macgregor Nursery

This small cottage nursery in the Scottish borders has released its 2021 catalogue. Welcome news for gardeners everywhere!

Water features are lovely in gardens

Is your garden looking neglected? perhaps it's become overgrown and you don't know where to start, or it's so dull you seldom venture into it? Well having appealing outside space is good for our health while well-tended gardens can add a lot of value to a property. So don't throw your hands up in despair, follow these tips and your garden will be looking great again