Bloomsbury Revisited lampshades

The penchant for bare bulbs, albeit fancy LED ones, has meant the good ol' lampshade hasn't had much of a look-in lately. So it's good to find two new makers who're getting us enthused about lamp bases and shades once again

Compost your kitchen peelings and food waste

..or at the very least save your food scraps and peelings for your local council to compost. So come on people, make 2021 your greenest year ever, which means getting a counter top bin for the kitchen -  and a garden composter too if you have the space.

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A light that creates interesting effects Fusion

You don't have to be a lighting designer to achieve mood and ambience with your lamps. The Fusion cut-out cube is a sculptural piece that gives a gentle wash of light

The Danes paper napkins

Don't surreptiously wipe sticky fingers on your clothes...invest a few pounds in some impactful paper napkins that will elevate every mealtime

Nick's Bespoke Maps

Our young folks are dynamic in the face of adversity! Take history graduate Nick van Oosterom, who's finding success with his unique one-man map drawing business

Scented candle from the Little Karma Co

Sales of candles, particularly fragranced ones, continue to grow. And we're seeing more small artisan manufacturers bring delicious, quirky, new fragrances to the market while striving to make their products environmentally friendly


The spotlight of scrutiny is turning on jewellery which for centuries has got away with being the face of cruelty and avarice. So if you're investing in a piece for yourself or a loved one, check its provenance. 

Collective Stories ethical homewares

Collective-Stories is a socially conscious brand that combines contemporary design with traditional techniques and craftsmanship

Growth pot by Studio Ayaskan