Nookery pro biotic air freshener smells of lemons

A member of the 1% for the Planet organisation, UK brand nookary has added a lovely refillable air freshener to its range of non-toxic, eco-friendly home cleaning products

Your main bin can now be lined with a compostable bag thanks to EKO

UK-based homewares company EKO has developed compostable liners for large household bins

laundry strips are very eco friendly

If you're trying to use less plastic, then ditching those cumbersome bottles of detergent is a good place to start

Closca folding helmets for safer easier cycling

An award-winning Closca helmet is certainly a piece of safety attire that will turn heads as well as protect them

A new rug can transform a room and Claire Gaudion's designs are perfect if you're after subtle earth colours in contemporary designs

Cruelty free silk - Eri silk

For those who love silk but don't want silkworms to die in the manufacturing process, Eris is a brand of eri, or peace silk, that's new to the UK. It offers a fabulous range of designs and plain colours for interior furnishings and accessories

Compost your kitchen peelings and food waste

..or at the very least save your food scraps and peelings for your local council to compost. So come on people, make 2023 your greenest year ever, which means getting a counter top bin for the kitchen -  and a garden composter too if you have the space.

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A light that creates interesting effects Fusion

You don't have to be a lighting designer to achieve mood and ambience with your lamps. The Fusion cut-out cube is a sculptural piece that gives a gentle wash of light

The Danes paper napkins

Don't surreptiously wipe sticky fingers on your clothes...invest a few pounds in some impactful paper napkins that will elevate every mealtime