Duette blinds are energy saving

If you can't stretch to triple glazing, the next best thing you can do to save energy is to install window coverings that reduce the amount of heat lost through glass

Artist Rowan McOnegal produces exquisite glass wallhangings, as well as stained glass for doors and windows

Who knows how long schools will stay Kajsa's thinking about games that children can help make as well as play as a way of keeping their minds active

Their Story fair trade organic cotton bedlinen

Fair trade and made from organic cotton, Their Story's bedlinen is unique

Desktop, pinnable, foldable, from Woven Image, £135

Everyone competing for workspace on the kitchen table? why not mark out your territory with Desktop, an eco-friendly, sound absorbing mini screen

Danish eco start-up Sprout has taken window sill food cultivation up a notch with their plant a pencil and watch it grow...basil, tomatoes, parsley, micro greens, whatever takes your fancy

Flower arranging doesn't have to involve armfuls of riotous blooms and ornate ceramic vases, no, the Japanese way is far more minimalist

Lindy Barletta small bowls £25

UK ceramicist Lindy Barletta has launched her first online shop so you discerning folks can top up your collections from the comfort of your home

Phonebox bookends

Small businesses need our business! We love the work of model maker Timothy Richards, especially his renditions of classic British design, so if you're after a quirky present for someone, take a look