Denimu: the art of jeans

Denim artist Ian Berry is having a major exhibition of his work at the Catto Gallery in London's Hampstead. Berry uses eco-friendly old denim jeans to make his art.

Mad about the earth: the exuberant art of Joëlle Kem Lika

Joelle Kem Lika is an artist whose work is life affirming, and that's in no small part down to her love of vibrant colour. And what drives her, she says, is her wish to encourage people to prize the natural world.

'I draw my inspiration entirely from nature,' she says, 'and I want to defend our planet by means of my paintings. I try to capture the strength of life -  the force of the sea, the vibrancy of life in the ocean, the delight to be had from flowers, skies, sunsets.'

Dee McLean: painting the seasons on Hampstead Heath

The Highgate Ponds, Hampstead Heath, London, England

51° 33’ 37“N, 0° 9’ 39” W