Wood burning stoves - how eco-friendly are they?

Our winters are far milder than they were even 10 years ago; that said winter blows chills into even the best insulated homes, and the need to stay warm - and the financial and environmental cost of doing so - is a big concern as energy prices seem only to rise.

bluebellgray: flowers to the people

bluebellgray is something of a phenomenon if speed of success is a measure. Because this 13-strong Glasgow-based textiles and homewares company started its journey just eight years ago as a one-woman show; on  Fi Douglas’s kitchen table to be precise, as she painted some floral designs.

Blinds UK talks window treatments

Window treatments ..choose the best for your room. Roman blinds made from linen or wood or aluminium Venetian blinds are highly eco friendly and timeless

Spring clean and declutter

In this covid emergency cleaning and ensuring hygiene at home is very important. So declutter your space to make it easier to keep things clean and fresh

Meet contemporary ceramicist Sue Ure

Pottery has fascinated me since my teens. I love the tactile sensation of throwing, and the feeling that you're creating something from virtually nothing. You're making something functional that can be used and enjoyed every day, and that can have extraordinary longevity.

The art of eco: environmentally-friendly art and artists

There's an assumption that art is beyond reproach because it's culture and culture is good for the mind and the soul. But the business of painting has long been up to its neck in toxic pigments, solvents and formaldehyde, and artists haven't always scored highly when it comes to minimising waste.

Wearth London: the one stop eco shop

When they were looking for things for their home, Imogen Minoli and Edward Davies were struck by how untransparent the labelling on goods was, so they didn't really know how eco-friendly or sustainable something was. And they were incredulous at the amount of plastic packaging that comes with so many purchases.

Mole Architects' Meredith Bowles talks housing

It may not be a term we're that familiar with in the UK but give it time, because co-housing communities are on the increase here. A new one, Marmalade Lane, has been built in Cambridge, a project architect Meredith Bowles of Mole Architects was closely involved with.

Mattress in a box - how eco is it?

foam mattress in a box may sound good in that they come rolled up on a box but they are not easily disposed of so are not eco friendly

Rugs and runners: an easy way to enhance your home

Find lovely rugs for your home, at all prices. Choose wool/jute/linen rugs as these are sustainable material. And depending on the backing used for of these rugs will be biodegradable. Find great rugs at Roger Oates, Jennifer Manners, Ptolomy Mann, Nani Marquina and Gandia Blasco, as well as British designer Anna V