Wood burning stoves - how eco-friendly are they?

Our winters are far milder than they were even 10 years ago; that said winter blows chills into even the best insulated homes, and the need to stay warm - and the financial and environmental cost of doing so - is a big concern as energy prices seem only to rise.

Blinds UK talks window treatments

Window treatments ..choose the best for your room. Roman blinds made from linen or wood or aluminium Venetian blinds are highly eco friendly and timeless

Spring clean and declutter

In this covid emergency cleaning and ensuring hygiene at home is very important. So declutter your space to make it easier to keep things clean and fresh

Meet contemporary ceramicist Sue Ure

Pottery has fascinated me since my teens. I love the tactile sensation of throwing, and the feeling that you're creating something from virtually nothing. You're making something functional that can be used and enjoyed every day, and that can have extraordinary longevity.

How to achieve an eco-friendly kitchen

Eco-friendly kitchens use recycled and recyclable materials. Wood products should be FSC-certified, while ease of dis-assemby is important in the design of kitchen units and cabinets. Kuche built the ktchen for the first certified Passivhaus in the UK and they used Durat for countertops, a solid surface material from Finland that is 100 per cent recyclable. Puustelli Miinus is an eco Finnish brand to consider.

Kuche built the kitchen for Underhill, the UK's first accredited Passivhaus, designed by architect Seymour Smith and featured on Channel 4's Grand Designs Live. The kitchen has a 10m run of units with a recyclable Durat worktop. Core design criteria were for all materials to be recyclable, for all wood products to be FSC-certified and for the kitchen cabinets to be designed for easy dis-assembly.

LZF Lights - the most eco on the market?

Eco friendly wood veneer lights from Valencia based LZF. The company uses FSC-certified woods and energy saving light sources such as LEDs.

How eco are you? First up, Lisa Faulkner

Lisa Faulkner says she's definitely a cook and not a chef, and she's the first to admit that she's not re-inventing the cookery wheel with her books and recipes. Rather she wants to share her love of cooking and if that gets more of us putting a bit more time and effort into the food we eat, well, so much the better.

Abundance? no, strive to use the minimum

Cup of tea anyone?

Consider the simple example of boiling water to make a single cup of tea. There is a minimum amount of energy required to raise the temperature of a fixed volume of water from ambient to 100°C at atmospheric pressure, but how close are we to achieving the minimum?

Wood by the sea: Coastal house in Devon

Architect: 6a architects

Structural Engineer: Price & Myers

Main Contractor/Builder: JE Stacey

Joinery Company: Touch Design Group

Wood Supplier: Traditional Oak and Timber Co.

Wood Species: French Oak, British Douglas Fir, British Pine